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SpatialKey requires data to be uploaded and imported by way of a CSV file before a dataset can be imported.  We have tried to make the import process as fun and simple as possible, but SpatialKey cannot help you get your data into CSV format.  In many cases that precious data you need access to will be locked away inside of a database.  There are many types of databases, and most of them have capabilities to help get your data exported into a CSV format but they are usually specific to the database in question.

This goal of this article is to examine how to get data into a CSV format from many of the more poplar databases and database management systems on the market today.  If you do not have access to the database where your data resides and have a database administrator or IT staff that generates your reports for you, pass on the link to this article when requesting data for SpatialKey as it may save them some time as well.

Please note that this article deals with usage of the Structured Query Language (SQL) commands needed to run against a database and is intended for users who are familiar with SQL and tools for the database they commonly use.

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